IAHA General Membership Meeting

December 3, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Gary at 2:00 PM. Present were: Dave Martin, Al and Margaret Cleveland, Gary Van Horn, and John Horn.  In addition to the Board, there were 20 members and one other individual interested in the Airpark in attendance.


Gary spoke at length about the taxiway system and the plan that had been given a positive vote by a majority of homeowners this year to establish a taxiway replacement fund in accordance with Oregon statute. He also thanked the Block Heralds and serving Board members for their work throughout the year. For their maintenance contributions, Gary thanked Lynn McDonald for using his tractor to mow areas of grass that could not be reached with the IAHA tractor, and he also thanked Al Cleveland for his work getting the IAHA tractor into good shape.


Treasurer Margaret gave a detailed report of the state of finances, as well as what had been paid out for the year versus the income. Margaret also said that the checks for 2018 dues which she has already received from the home owners dues will not be cashed until next year (to keep the books straight). She also asked if there were any corrections to note before she publishes the new neighborhood directory, and there were none put forward.


Maintenance chair Al also thanked Lynn McDonald for his work including the “gopher patrol”. He described work planned to shore up the taxiway gravel this coming Spring, as well as details about what work had been done on the IAHA tractor including two new rear wheels as the originals were heavily corroded. Sprayer work will be done next Spring. There were some questions regarding what scraper would be used to pull up the loose flakes of old seal coat, what spots were worse and needed more help than others, and also how best to apply seal coats to fuse it better to the underlying surface.


Architectural chair Dave described two upcoming projects, one on Stearman Street for the Moes’ which is not started yet, and the Harris’ on Luscombe which is being built now. This one on Luscombe has a tie-down area for an airplane but no hangar. Another project has not started due to permit issues with the City.


The mic was passed around for new neighbors to introduce themselves to the other attendees, as well as a request for hangar space. Additional questions were raised at this time regarding the taxiway maintenance fund and the differences from the regular dues.  The issue was clarified by explaining the Airport Access Agreement fees were an ODA (and FAA) requirement and not part of IAHA finances.  Per the Access Agreement, the Association collects that fee and passes it on to ODA.


There was a 20-minute break at 2:40 PM while Margaret Cleveland and Vickie McCubbin counted and verified the votes. The results for the 2018 IAHA Board are as follows:


75 ballots received


President: Gary Van Horn.              74

Vice President: Herb Joliff.            74

Secretary: Robert English.              74

Treasurer: Margaret Cleveland.     74

Maintenance Chair: Al Cleveland. 74

Architectural Chair: Dave Martin.  74


Members at Large (vote for 2)

                     John Horn.                   68

                     Alan Wright.                 60

                     Kevin Byers.                 20

    Resulting in John and Alan filling the 2 positions.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 PM. Next Board meeting is Thursday, January 25, at 7:00 PM in the EAA hangar. Transcribed from a recording made by Dave Martin, respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.