IAHA General Meeting

December 4, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by President Gary. Present were: Dave Martin, Al and Margaret Cleveland, John Horn, Alan Wright, Herb Jolliff, Gary Van Horn and Robert English. Many airpark members were in attendance for this afternoon’s meeting.


SECRETARY: The draft minutes for the October meeting have been posted on the web site for review for the past month. Dave Martin moved that the minutes be approved as posted, and John Horn seconded. All approved.


TREASURER: Margaret passed around the most recent figures, and read details of the year’s financial activity for the gathered neighbors in attendance. There was a question about how many households were not paying their yearly dues, and Margaret answered that there was only one that had not paid, and there is now a lien on their property for that amount. Four others had liens applied for non-payment of dues, but they paid those dues within two weeks of the filing of the lien.


MAINTENANCE: Al first publicly thanked Lynn McDonald for his service to the Association, not only for the mowing but also for the extermination of moles that he has been doing on an ongoing basis. He then described the year’s work of weed control and the taxiway work (both crack sealing and shoulder work) as well as the Pacific Power work on Skyraider Taxiway that tore up the surface while the power company repaired an underground cable.


Al then spoke about the condition of the taxiways and the proposed resurfacing job that is still under study, and the airpark will be further informed once there is a proposal on the table. He also mentioned the extension of Henry Bartle’s hangar just North of the restaurant, and this looks to include a new motorized gate with a keypad to keep people off of the access road to the hangars if they do not have business there.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave and the Architectural Committee had two projects before them this year, both of them approved: one was for the hangar at 783 Cessna (for the Williams family who live there now), and the other was for a new house at 617 Luscombe for the Robinsons. Construction will begin in the Spring.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Gary had printed a list of people within the community who had helped make 2016 a productive year for the Association, and asked those in attendance today to thank them when they see them. The list is reproduced below:



·        Gary Van Horn, President;                   

·        Herb Jolliff, Vice President       

·        Robert English, Secretary

·        Margaret Cleveland, Treasurer

·        Dave Martin, Architectural Chairman

·        Al Cleveland, Maintenance Chairman ; and Assistant Lynn McDonald

·        John Horn; Alan Wright; Members at Large



·        Shirley Horn – Central Contact

·        Stearman St.: Kaaren McGlynn

·        Cessna St.: Ricky Schwarzler; Vicky McCubbins - backup

·        Stinson St.: Margaret Wilson

·        Piper St.: Shirley Horn

·        Airport Way: Sandy Gallagher

·        Aeronca St.: Dorothy Gillett; Monica McDonald - backup

·        Luscombe St.: Sandy Homer

·        Mooney: Harriet Savage


·        Hiroka Krummel

·        Joan Thiessen

·        Margaret Wilson

·        Marilyn Husser

·        Judy Watkins

·        Kathy Hueble

·        Marcia Noelle

READER BOARD – Anne and Dave Heusser

ARTS AND CRAFTS SALE – Kaaren McGlynn and others

ICE CREAM SOCIAL – Not sure who did it this year, but thank you so much !

GARAGE SALE – Judi West coordinated for the whole Airpark

AIRPARK ROSTER – Gail Hill and Margaret Cleveland (Transitioning to Margaret for next year.)

MEMORIAL DAY PILOT RECOGNITION PROGRAM – coordination by Margaret Cleveland with Safety by Al Cleveland



Gary then summarized the ongoing discussions with the Independence City Council regarding the proposed marijuana growing and production plant on Stryker Road (this is ongoing, with a meeting coming up on December 19 downtown, and Gary encouraged everyone to attend that meeting at City Hall).


MEMBERSHIP COMMENTS: There were questions about the taxiway work proposals, which both Al and Gary were able to answer, and some discussion regarding the proposed marijuana production plant.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: The group was introduced to new residents of the airpark who moved in during the past year. Each was welcomed cheerfully with a round of friendly applause. Members of the community were publicly thanked for their public service, including Anne Scheck who Gary named specifically. There was also word regarding the coming eclipse in August of 2017 which coincides with the annual Fly-In.


ELECTION RESULTS: The following candidates were chosen by mail-in ballot and by ballots cast at the meeting today:


PRESIDENT: Gary Van Horn


SECRETARY: Robert English

TREASURER: Margaret Cleveland




                                                        John Horn


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was officially adjourned at 2:52 PM. Next IAHA Board Meeting is set for January 26 of 2017. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, IAHA secretary.