EAA Hangar – 2:00 p.m. DECEMBER 4, 2022



WELCOME AND APPRECIATION – President Gary Van Horn opened the meeting at 2:00 p.m. All board members were in attendance except secretary Robert English who was working and could not attend. About 97 residents were also in attendance.

Gary is retiring after 14 years (this time) as President of the Board and a total of about 30 years on the board of the 47 years of the life of this community. His report is attached.




Approval of the OCTOBER MINUTES  Approved by Al Cleveland and Seconded by Herb Jolliff, passed unanimously.


TREASURER’S REPORT – Margaret Cleveland reported that all but one homeowner is current on the Special Assessment for Taxiway Improvements and that one in on Lien Status. There is enough money in the special account to proceed with the Taxiway Improvement Project. This will be addressed later in the meeting.


All have received the billing for 2023. Please note that this is the year the rates increase from $100 to $300 for HOA dues. This with the ODA Egress fees, the total owing on January 1 is $510. The $300 will be split between the taxiway maintenance fund and the administrative expense fund. In years past we have spent $21,300 under general fund categories and $25,200 under taxiway maintenance categories. Your vote is 2017 raised the dues to cover the increased dues to cover the increased expenses of this HOA. This last year we were at a loss of almost $30,000. For more specific information, please contact Margaret at 503-910-7796 for a one-on-one review of current budget information.


MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE REPORT – Al Cleveland reported that the Taxiway Repair/Replacement Subcommittee is in place and has met with Ron Singh as project lead. A contractor has been selected and the contract is under review. Work will start in the spring, weather permitting. There is a lot of work to be done by the homeowners prior to the contractor’s arrival. All residents will be receiving notifications of removal of landscaping materials, ie shrubbery, fencing, etc., that are too close to the taxiways as designated by a map provided in the Bi-Laws and also forwarded to each homeowner. Discussion was held as to where the measurements were to be made from to determine the line of correction for each property. The answer is the center of the taxiway blacktop is the base measuring point for all to use. All questions should be forwarded to Al Cleveland at 503-910-7786.


All homeowners should make sure their drainage line are free and clear of debris as we approach the rainy season. This includes the culverts under the ramps from the taxiway to your hangar. There are several that continue to cause flooding and need attention. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep these passageways clear.


ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE – David Ullman reported there are currently 5 homes or hangars under construction or waiting to start construction.


PRESIDENT’S ANNUAL REPORT – what follows is a full text of what President Gary Van Horn stated to the membership during this meeting:

Welcome to the IAHA Annual Meeting.  There are a lot of volunteers who help our community to function.  We want to recognize those folks right up front – In the broadest sense, those who manage our primary tasks are:


·   The Block Herald Network, by Shirley Horn and her crew – The individual Block heralds who support the system are listed at the bottom of the first page of the Airpark Roster – please look them up for your street and let them know you appreciate their efforts;


·   Our Maintenance Chairman, Al Cleveland and his crew who spend long hours keeping our Taxiway Property functional and clear of weeds, gophers and other potential obstructions. Al will thank them personally when he comes to the podium;


·   The Board of Directors, specifically the Secretary of the Board Robert English; & Treasurer, Margaret Cleveland; along with r Vice President, Herb Jolliff who stepped in as interm Chairman of the Architectural Committee, prior to David Ullman who accepted the role upon the passing of Dave Martin They will personally recognize those who have supported their responsibilities, such as the panel of the Architectural Committee volunteers.


·   There are also other volunteers who suppport other activities for the good of our community but are not specifically tied to Association responsibilities being directly named in the CC&R's. We want to thank you for your support. Please know you are sincerely appreciated.


·   We also wish to recognize those who have passed away recently, including Ed Conn, Amy and Denny Jackson, Phyllis Upright and Gwen Boer who have been long time residents.


·   The Board of  Directors, in caring for the Association's business interests has the primary responsibilities of Maintaining the Access Agreement with ODA; Maintenance of the Taxiways; and Maintaining the Architectural Standards of the Association.


The documents which provide the sideboards for our Association include:


·   The “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's for short)  included as part of our deeds to the properties we own; are registered with the county and provide for the standards within our Airpark –  which we are all obligated to abide by. The CC&R's also provide for establishment of the Homeowners Association and establish set the primary purpose of the Association – which is to maintain the Taxiways (AKA The Common Properties);


·   The Bylaws of the Association establish the Board and set the guidelines for operation of the IAHA; and


·   The ODA Access Agreement. Which secures our right to access 7s5 AND, by the way, was used by as a model by the U.S. Congress in rewriting the FAA's Statutes to assure other Airparks in the United States could be recognized as legitimate communities adjacent to a Federally supported airports.


And, here it needs to be emphasized that the requirements set forth in that agreement with the state are personal responsibilities for each and every one of us and our guests.  There are specific requirements and the IAHA website provides several videos to help folks understand those responsibilities.




Along with documents, IAHA Website, provides a lot of other information, including helpful policy guidelines, including the Dispute Resolution Policy – which is required by State Law; and the Minutes of Board meetingswhich are usually published within a week or two of any Board meeting in DRAFT form to make sure our membership is kept up to date on what's happening without needing to wait for 3 months or so to see an “approved” Minutes document.


Our scheduled Board meetings are the fourth Thursday in January (which is primarily for any organizational issues of a new board along with Association Budget approval); April; July; and October.  THESE MEETINGS ARE ALL OPEN TO THE MEMBERSHIP AND YOUR ATTENDANCE IS ENCOURAGED AND CERTAINLY APPRECIATED.


The Board does have Executive Sessions to deal with issues which could be sensitive for individuals, so to respect and protect any personal or privacy-related issues – such as with Dispute Resolution or Legal situations.


 Note:  General Membership Comments, and questions from the members during those meetings are scheduled early in the agendas for the regular meetings – answers are included when available.  Everyone is encouraged to stay up to date by following those Meeting Minutes on a quarterly basis.




This situation is ongoing at this time.  As reported to the membership last year, the Association was named in a dispute between two property owners. This has required a legal defense of the Association's long-standing (40+ years) standards.  We can't address specifics because of litigation in process, however, there are things which may affect long term Association business practices.  This much can be said:


Several attempts at mediation/reconciliation have failed. Following an informal attempt by the Board to encourage reconciliation, a Legal Complaint was filed with Polk County.  As an additional effort at reconciliation two Formal Mediation sessions were held with the parties involved.  Those efforts also failed and litigation has proceeded.  When you're named in a complaint, the Association is required to defend it's position with attendant IAHA legal expenses necessary for IAHA to be appropriately represented and defended against a summary judgment.


Initially, they declined on a technicality, however, after a few months, our Insurance company reversed it's position and decided to step in and it's now in their hands and in front of the Polk County Courts.  That's about the limit of what we can say regarding the situation   at this time.


The probability is there will be a financial impact on Members. We have historically avoided legal costs and have been able, up to this recent experience, to keep that kind of cost to a minimum. One thing the litigation has confirmed, however, is something everyone already knows – that in today's world costs are not always subject to control as one would like to be able to do. 

The membership may need to consider authorizing a special assessment, similar to the Taxiway assessment, to establish and maintain a legal service cost fund which would also likely be used for funding insurance costs.  Membership protection for avoiding the potential of having another uncontrollable event requires an assessment of the risk and would be the primary purpose of such an assessment – having funds available for contingencies.


Anticipated 2023 BOARD FOCUS:


· June 2022 marked the completion of collection for the Taxiway Upgrade and the last special assessment payment.  The original cost estimate for the Upgrade has turned out to be nearly accurate and a Contractor has been identified and obligated for the job.  Planning is now underway for implementation in the spring of 2023.


·  Those plans include any surface removal and repaving with a top layer as well as rocking the edges where necessary.  The Maintenance Chairman has a Committee in place for the detail planning and implementation, but if you have an interest in that effort, please let  Al Cleveland know.  His email address is available on the Website.  Your participation is encouraged.


· In October of 2020 a Subcommittee of the Board was established to update the CC&R's and Bylaws.  It was planned that ultimately the whole Board would review draft CC&R's and Bylaws to bring them up to date based on experience from events of the last 20+ years since the “plain language” revision was approved by the membership at the end of the last century. 


· Since then, both the Pandemic and the litigation situation has resulted in a delay of any work on those documents, pending settlement of our legal situation.  Eventually the process is expected to be that (1) the Subcommittee will develop proposed revisions.  (2) The DRAFT will then be reviewed by the Board and (3) screened by Legal Counsel.  And, (4) before asking the Membership for a vote it has been planned that a Membership Review and feedback would be requested.  Following that, (5) the final will be submitted to the Membership for approval and (6) the approved  updated documents will be filed with the County to complete the process.  Please note, circumstances could result in alteration of that original plan, so this is only as it stands before the next Board takes over and for your information.


· In the meantime, if you have thoughts or concerns to put on the table ahead of the process, please submit them in writing to the Secretary so everyone can benefit starting at the front-end and we'll get them in front of the Subcommittee so you can have early input to the effort.  Where your suggestions or concerns are outlined be sure to identify which Article or paragraph is involved and make sure any concern has a suggested solution.


Thanks for listening --- Gary Van Horn, President, IAHA


OTHER BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS - John Horn offered accolades to each of the board members for the extensive volunteer time they have put in over the past year to make this homeowners’ association function. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep this size of an organization running. Kudos to each and every one!




MEMBERSHIP COMMENTS, INTERESTS AND QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS - Anne Scheck presented a park bench for all residents to sign in memory of Ann and Denny Jackson who tragically lost their lives in a plane accident this year. She will take it and have it varnished and sealed. It will be placed on the airpark for all to use.


OTHER ITEMS FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER - John Horn moved that Herb Jolliff remain on the board as a Special Representative for legal discussions as he has been one of the leads in the current litigation. This move was seconded by Alan Wright and passed unanimously.


ELECTION RESULTS - Elections results were not unanimous. We did have quite a few write-ins this year. We will be contacting those to see if they want to take a more active role in the leadership of the association. There were also several comments written on the ballots. We will take these into consideration in the coming months.


Thank you for those who participated in the ballot process. We only received 42 of the 160 ballots that were sent out. Here are the final results:


President                                   Alan Wright

Vice President                         Keith Moes

Secretary                                   Robert English

Treasurer                                  Margaret Cleveland

Maintenance Chair                 Al Cleveland

Architectural Char                  Dave Ullman

Member-At-Large                    John Horn

Member-At-Large                    Bob Spencer

Former President                    Gary VanHorn

Special Representative         Herb Jolliff


Please support your Board of Directors and contact them if you have questions or need information. Their contact information is on the IAHA web page at http://www.isasg7s5.org/iaha


ADJOURNMENT AND SOCIAL TIME - Meeting adjourned at 3:47 p.m. Desserts were plentiful and good. Minutes taken by Margaret Cleveland and edited by Robert English, secretary.