General Membership Meeting

December 5, 2021


President Gary called the meeting to order at 2:04PM. Board members present were: Al & Margaret Cleveland, Herb Jolliff, Gary Van Horn, Alan Wright and John Horn. Robert English was not able to attend. There were 27 neighbors present for the meeting.


WELCOME AND APPRECIATION: President Gary officially welcomed all who had moved into the neighborhood during 2021, and also those who had served as Block Heralds during the year as they were instrumental in keeping the neighborhood going. Gary also listed the neighbors who had passed away during the year, among them Dave Martin who served as the IAHA Architectural Chairman for many years.


SECRETARY: Robert was unable to attend today’s meeting, but the minutes of the previous meeting had been posted on the IAHA web page in draft form back in early November. The motion to approve the October minutes as posted on the web was made by Herb Jolliff. Al Cleveland seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: Margaret listed the expenditures for the previous year, with paperwork showing where everything went, and while she reported that the allowed budget for 2021 was largely met (except for legal expenses, as mentioned in President Gary’s report). She expressed concern that the cost of everything is going up noticeably, and stated that the budget should be increased by 10% for 2022. This topic was tabled for the next Board meeting in January.


The fund for the taxiway project is on track, and this coming year is the final one for the special assessment to be applied to homeowner’s dues. Margaret  also mentioned that the checks she has received that apply to the year 2022 will not be cashed until 2022 (to help keep the books in order).


A motion was made by Al Cleveland to establish a “memorial flower fund” to purchase flowers and cards for the relatives of those of our neighbors who were no longer with us, with a $40 limitation for the expense. Herb Jolliff seconded. All approved by voice vote.


MAINTENANCE: Al reported that the maintenance committee has replaced the aging pressure washer. The committee is also watching for a good deal on a power broom to help sweep up the chips and rocks that may accumulate on the taxiway system. The months of December and January will be used for maintenance of the existing equipment.


Al also took the time to thank the following who were of great help in the area of maintenance:


Weeds have been a problem; copious amounts of weed killer has been sprayed in the common areas with little effect. A tenacious grass has taken hold which resists the weed killer. “Simplot” was suggested as a chemical agent to use on the weeds. Al said he was hopeful that the dormant period during the winter can be used to good effect to apply this new weed killer to keep it from sprouting again in the Spring.


Three formal complaints have been received about plant and/or tree overgrowth partially blocking various taxiways, and there was an informal complaint received regarding drain blockage which allows water to back up during heavy rains. All landowners have received notification regarding their respective issues and the committee looks forward to successful resolution of these issues in the coming year.


ARCHITECTURE: One new development to report: a lot on Airport Way has changed hands, though nothing has been built on the property yet; plans are being made ready for the architectural committee to review. There are two lots, one on Stearman and the other on Luscombe, coming up for plans review before building next year.



What follows is the text of what President Gary read during the meeting:



As you are aware, we have been advised not to comment regarding details of a litigation in process - however, this much can be said:

- Two attempts at Formal Mediation have failed – following an initial attempt by the Board to encourage reconciliation as outlined in the IAHA Dispute Resolution Procedure. After that a Legal Complaint was filed with Polk County and litigation was underway,

with attendant IAHA legal expenses necessary to be represented and defend against a summary judgment. That document is a public record for those who may be interested.

- Initially, we retained our regular legal counsel to protect our interests. After a few months, our Insurance company decided to step in and it's now in their hands and in front of the Polk County Courts. That's about the limit of what we can say at this time.

- As a result of this litigation it may be necessary to establish and maintain legal assistance funding through a special assessment and/or an ongoing fee – as we did with the Taxiway Improvement plan. We have traditionally avoided legal costs in

the past and have been able, up to this latest experience, keep that support to a minimum. One thing the litigation has brought to light, however, is that in today's world costs are not always subject to control as one would like to do. Practically speaking,

this would be for Membership protection to avoid the potential of having another uncontrollable event require a significant short-term assessment.



- June 2022 will mark the last special assessment payment due on our 5-year plan to accumulate funds supporting a major refreshment and repair of the Taxiway system, including repaving and rocking the edges. This next year's Board will be getting

to work on planning the specifics (using up-to-date) pricing information) for that effort starting with our January meeting. If you have an interest in that effort, please let us know through either the Secretary or the President's email, which can be found on

the website.

- In October of 2020 a Subcommittee of the Board (and it could eventually be the whole Board) was initiated to review our CC&R's and Bylaws to bring them up to date with experience from events of the last 20+ years since a “plain language” revision

was approved by the membership. Since then, both the recent Pandemic and the litigation situation has resulted in a delay of any work, but that needs to change. The process will be that the Subcommittee will take the time to develop proposed revisions.

That initial DRAFT will then be reviewed and otherwise massaged by the whole Board and screened by the law firm we have used for the last 40+ years since initial formation of the Association in 1977-78 before asking the Membership for review and

comments. Following that, the final drafts will be submitted to the Membership for approval and the updated documents will be filed with the County to complete the process.

- In the meantime, if you have thoughts or concerns related to the CC&R's or the Bylaws to put on the table in front of the process, please submit them in writing to the Secretary so everyone can benefit from the start and we'll get them in front of the

Subcommittee to have early input for the effort.


OTHER BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS: A question came up regarding the large trees on Skylane taxiway which do not allow a plane with 60-foot wingspan to pass freely. A solution will be found though it will need the help of a professional tree-trimmer. Cars kept outside in perpetuity was also discussed.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: All present thanked Gary Van Horn for his efforts throughout the year as President and neighbor.


ELECTION RESULTS: With all submitted ballots counted, the current board will serve again in 2022 with the important addition of Mark Overholtzer as Architectural chair for the coming year.



ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:00PM and all attending enjoyed the socializing and dessert potluck afterward. Next Board meeting is scheduled for 27 January of 2022. Submitted by Robert English, secretary, from notes made by Board members at the meeting itself.