IAHA General Meeting

December 6, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by President Gary. Present were Dave Martin, John Horn, Gail Hill, Alan Wright, Kelly Wilson, Herb Jolliff, Robert English, Gary Van Horn, and Al Cleveland. Many airpark residents were in attendance.


Gary started by thanking the dispute resolution committee who helped draft the mediation and arbitration procedures that the Board was able to adopt and use this year. He also thanked Lynn MacDonald for his assistance in keeping the common properties mowed and maintained throughout the year. He also thanked Gail Hill, our treasurer for 2015, and Al Cleveland who stepped up to fill the Maintenance chair in the middle of the year. He then thanked the Board as a group for working things out throughout the year.


SECRETARY: the draft minutes for the previous meeting have been posted on the website. Dave Martin moved to accept the minutes as presented and Gail Hill seconded. There was no objection from the Board so Gary pronounced the minutes as accepted.


TREASURER: Gail gave those in attendance a thumbnail rundown of the year’s financial activities, and thanked everyone who helped along the way to make her job less difficult. Gary also called for a group thank-you to her husband Dan as well.


MAINTENANCE: John Horn and Al Cleveland had prepared a document for the group’s information outlining a rough draft for a taxiway maintenance plan over the next several years. The system is well-maintained now, and the basic sub-structure of each taxiway is sound, and the purpose of this plan is to make sure they stay maintained over the coming decades. The projected dues increases to cover this maintenance were also discussed, and certainly won’t be implemented until a decision is made about which version of the maintenance plan gets adopted in July of 2016 by a vote of the membership. The work would then start in 2017. He took a few questions from the floor and there was lots of discussion about the possible scenarios as well as data regarding maintenance costs from previous years. John said that he and Al would be redrafting the proposal over the coming months, and this new version would include some new scenarios suggested at this meeting (including one where all of the taxiway work got done in one year). He thanked everyone for their participation in the discussion.


ARCHITECTURE: Dave gave a thumbnail report of the projects heard and approved by the committee throughout the year.


ELECTION: Gail counted the votes during the meeting, and here are the official results:


President:                                             Gary Van Horn

Vice President:                                     Herb Jolliff

Secretary:                                             Robert English

Treasurer:                                             Margaret Cleveland

Maintenance Chair:                               Al Cleveland

Architectural Committee Chair:             Dave Martin

Members At Large:                              John Horn

Alan Wright


ADJOURNMENT: Gary thanked all in attendance for their participation and officially asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. John Horn moved and Gail Hill seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.