Annual Meeting on October 15, 2011


Board of Directors:Norm Rainey, President;Wayne Wineland, V.P.;Jerry Pryce, Sec/Treas ;Debbie Draeger, Frank Rush (deceased), Members

Architectural Committee: Kip Hanson, Chairman


                               I.            Call to Order:Welcome, Thanks to EAA 292, for the use of hangar.Introduction of new homeowners.

                             II.            Approve 2010 Minutes:(Copy attached)

                          III.            Treasurerís Report:(Copy attached)

                          IV.            Maintenance Committee:Need a Chairman to coordinate.Mowing and maintenance has been performed by Richard Koida with some assistance from Gary Brown for past few years.


                             V.            OLD BUSINESS

1.     Taxiway Repairs/Status

2.     Lot Mowing Update

3.     NPHOA info will be posted as a page on the IAHA site

                          VI.            NEW BUSINESS

1.     Updating of email addresses and contact information for Association notifications and billings.

2.     Increase in Ingress/Egress fees to $210/yr

3.     ISAS Update

4.     Status of taxiway funds

5.     Maintenance of ditches and areas adjacent to properties.

6.     Next HOA Meeting scheduled for October 20, 2012

7.     Election of Officers:Elect (3) for a 2 year term.