Board of Directors Meeting


February 19, 2015


Members of the Board met at Norm Rainey’s home at 1:00 PM.


Present:  Norm Rainey, Bruce Patton, Bob Watkins Don Draeger and Judi West

Guest:  Ken Day


Meeting was called to order.


1.      Norm elaborated on the ODA Guidance Letter which was recently emailed to homeowners.  This letter is ODA’s interpretation of FAA rules. 

2.     Don recapped the events of the last ISAS meeting and the meeting with the

City’s Public Works Department regarding water/sewer charges within the Airpark and the State hangars.  Water/sewer issues within the Airpark should be dealt with the City; water/sewer issues on ODA property (State hangars) should be dealt with ODA.

3.     Bob summarized request by a homeowner wanting to install curbing between property and taxiway. 

He indicated a potential problem with the landscape of another homeowner regarding water runoff. 

Bob wants to get the HOA on the calendar of the sealing company so we don’t have to wait too late into the season. 

4.     Bruce advised two homeowners have not paid their ODA Ingress/Egress fee.  Bruce will contact them again.

5.     Thank you to Kim and Gary Cleveland who donated and placed solar lights on the Skyraider street signage.  Looks very nice.



Submitted by:

Judi West

HOA Secretary