Emergency Board of Directors Meeting

April 16, 2017


Members of the Board met at Bruce Patton’s home at 3:00 PM.


Present:  Carl Harr, Bruce Patton, Judi West, Joe Zink and Don Draeger


This emergency Board meeting was called to discuss GHR attorney’s letter dated April 13, 2017, regarding the cannabis operation. 


Meeting called to order.


¨           Bruce distributed GHR Attorney Michael Keane’s letter advising any further appeal to the cannabis operation on Stryker Road would need to be filed by April 27.

After discussion, it was believed North Park HOA members would not derive any benefit from any further appeal(s) even though there are a few appeal options available.

Working together with IAHA, suggest drafting a letter to the City requesting Airpark participation when noise monitoring of the cannabis operation is conducted.

Motion:  North Park HOA will not participate in any further appeals to the cannabis operation.  Motion by Bruce Patton; seconded by Joe Zink.  Motion passed.


¨           Taxiway Assessment and Plan Development

GRI presented its proposal to conduct a pavement evaluation for IAHA and North Park HOA.  After review of the proposal and the associated costs, it is suggested North Park HOA not participate further in this taxiway assessment.  North Park may make a determination at a later date if it wishes to further investigate an engineering study of its taxiways.

Motion:  North Park will not participate with IAHA in the engineering taxiway study.  Motion by Don Draeger; seconded by Bruce Patton.  Motion passed.

¨           Judi advised the new date for the annual North Park HOA meeting is changed to October 1, 2017.  Request for EAA meeting room has been submitted

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 PM.


Submitted by: 

Judi West, HOA Secretary