Board of Directors Meeting

July 7, 2016


Members of the Board met at Don Draeger’s home at 3:00 PM


Present:  Norm Rainey, Bruce Patton, Judi West and Don Draeger

Absent:  Bob Watkins


Meeting was called to order.


¨     In Bob’s absence, Norm shared that Bob Watkins will not be running for reelection as Maintenance Director.  We hope someone or more than one would decide to share this volunteer position.  Bob will attempt to obtain bids for maintenance duties should no one volunteer and we need to ‘farm’ out this responsibility. 

¨     Norm will not seek reelection as he now primarily resides in Arizona.  Don will cover for Norm at the Annual Meeting should Norm be unable to attend.

¨     Don advised he has put together a draft ‘Conflict Resolution” process, and will form a committee to come up with a document for North Park HOA. 

¨     Judi will send an email to HOA members seeking volunteers to help purchase supplies and room set up for our Annual Meeting to be held on September 25, at 3:00 PM.  Will request a two-week response time.  The EAA hangar has been reserved from 2:00 – 6:00 PM.


Submitted by:  Judi West, HOA Secretary