Annual Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2016


·        Call to Order:  Don Draeger, Vice President, called the meeting to order at
3:00 PM. 

·     Member attendee introductions were made. 

·     2015 annual meeting minutes were previously emailed to all members for review.

·      Bruce Patton motioned to approve last year’s annual meeting minutes; seconded by Mary Brown.  Motion passed.


·        Treasurer’s Report:

·        Bruce Patton made available copies of the financial report as of September 25, 2016. 

·        Expenses were relatively low this year, particularly maintenance.

·        Net worth is currently $61,951.70.

·        The annual $210 State ingress/egress billing will be coming out in a few weeks.  Members requested to pay early/on time.

·        Liens will be filed against members who continue to refuse to pay.


·        Vice President’s Report:

·        A draft Conflict Resolution Process was distributed to members for review.  Don elaborated on the Process.  A short break was taken to allow members to read and present comments to Don.  A few comments were received.

·        Members indicated a desire to pursue the Process; a committee will get together to fine tune the document.

·         The Process only affects violations of By-laws and CC&Rs or into which the Board enters. 

·        Motion made by Ken Hardwick to accept the draft, make the few suggested changes, and run the Process through legal counsel; seconded by Christine Harr.  Motion passed.

·        Cannabis Plant:

·        The City of Independence is processing an application for a cannabis growing/ processing plant across Stryker road.  Much discussion was heard expressing frustration with the City.  Ken Hardwick believes the City will go forward and the Planning Commission will approve this business application. 

·        Ken Hardwick advises the HOA should hold off filing an appeal until the next ISAS meeting.  ISAS represents both North Park and IAHA.  North Park and IAHA could share expenses in appealing the cannabis application.

·        Motion:  Gary Brown requests the Board send a letter to the City Council on behalf of North Park to voluntarily stop the cannabis application process until citizen involvement has been enacted.  (Use letter similar to Gary Van Horn’s letter)  Seconded by Ken Hardwick.  Motion passed.

·        Motion:  Melinda Short requests the Board devote funds (maximum $500) to file an appeal in the event the cannabis plan is approved; seconded by Ken Day.  Motion passed.

·        Maintenance Report: 

·        Bob Watkins advises taxiways are holding up very well.  Crack sealing will be completed next week.

·        Maintenance of mowing and spraying taxiway edges will be hired out.  New Maintenance Director will seek bids.

·        Don Draeger brought up the Board’s desire to increase the taxiway reserve fund assessment from $100 to $300 per year.  The purpose is to increase the reserve for future taxiway maintenance/replacement.  Some members over the years have driven vehicles on the taxiway which is in violation of the CC&Rs. 

·        Motion:  Ken Hardwick motions to raise the taxiway maintenance fee from $100 to $300 – an increase of $200 per year; seconded by Bruce Patton.  Motion passed.

·        Election of Officers: 

·        President – Carl Harr

·        Vice President - Don Draeger

·        Maintenance Director – Joe Zink

·        Motion:  Mary Brown motions to accept the above nominations; seconded by Gary Brown.  Motion passed.


·        New Business:

·        None


·        Motion: Joe Zink motions to adjourn the annual meeting; seconded by Gary Brown.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.



Next Annual meeting is Sunday, October 15, 2017.




Submitted by:

Judi West, HOA Secretary