Annual Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2017


Call to Order:  Bruce Patton, Treasurer, called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.  Carl Harr, President, and Don Draeger, Vice President, appointed Bruce to act on their behalf was both were unable to attend the meeting.

Member attendees introduced themselves. 

2016 annual meeting minutes were emailed to all members prior to the meeting for their review.

Jerry Price motioned to approve last year’s annual meeting minutes; seconded by Kathy Hubele.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:

Bruce Patton made available copies of the financial report as of September 30, 2017. 

There were few expenses this year.

Net worth is currently $75,178.66.  Approximately a $13,000+ increase this year.

There is a $400 unauthorized withdrawal on the savings account with Umpqua Bank.  This withdrawal was over-the-counter at the Ashland Branch.  Umpqua is researching their records and surveillance tape.  Bruce will pursue avenues to get the $400 returned.

It was reiterated the taxiway maintenance increase from $100 to $300 last year is so grow the funds for major taxiway replacement when needed.  It is believed this is a better way to increase the fund rather than ask for a major lump sum from homeowners when replacement is needed, which could be substantial.


Conflict Resolution:

There is no update on the Conflict Resolution Process.  When a Process is recommended/approved (possibly next year), the Conflict Resolution will be incorporated into the CC&Rs. 


Maintenance Report: 

Joe Zink advised maintenance this year consisted primarily of mowing and weed control. 

Some taxiway cracks were sealed.

At last annual meeting Joe Zink was going to obtain bids for outside contractors to do the mowing and spraying taxiway edges  After receiving bids, it was determined the cost is too expensive and the vehicles used to do the work are too heavy for the taxiways (3/4 ton truck and 300 gallon tank).  HOA will continue to do the work in-house.

The outside contractor who assessed the taxiway conditions of both South Park and North Park was not worried about North Park’s taxiways.  The Contractor’s only concern was the number of seal coats applied and failing. He believes the structure of ‘Hotel’ and ‘Echo’ are in good condition.  Taxiways ‘Foxtrot; and ‘Golf’ are in okay condition.

The Board will consider hiring a sweeper to pick up the loose seal coat material.  Ideally, when all the crack seal is picked up and original asphalt is exposed, the taxiway will then be resealed.  Chuck West suggested perhaps we may wish to purchase a sweeper.


Election of Officers: 

The position of Secretary was open for nominations.  Linda Bogus expressed an interest. 

Motion:  Nell Justice motioned to accept the above nomination; seconded by Kathy Hubele.  Motion passed.


The position of Treasurer was open for nominations.  Bruce Patton agreed to run again. 

Motion:  Judy Yerian motioned to accept the above nomination; seconded by Molly Kinyon.


New Business:

Bruce Patton suggested the purchase of two new laptops for the specific use of the Treasurer to keep the financials, and use of the Secretary for recording of documents and email addresses.  Motion:  Jerry Pryce made the motion to purchase two laptops, authorizing up to $1,000 for the purchase of two.  Seconded by Melinda Short.


Open Discussion:

Ken Day, City of Independence Councilman, offered to provide City project updates, which he did.  (Independence Landing, Old City Hall property, Independence Station, etc.)

Ken suggested lawn mowing services and those mowing own lawns should do mowing on a specific day and time.

Ken encourages Airpark people to run for City Council. 

Discussion was held on the status/history of the property west of the Airport.

A big thank you to Kathy Hubele for procuring all the beverages and ice for the social hour.


Motion: Mary Brown motions to adjourn the annual meeting; seconded by Molly Kinyon.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 4.05 PM.



Next Annual meeting is Sunday, October 21, 2018.



Submitted by:

Judi West, HOA Secretary*