On October 15, 2011


Our Annual Homeowners meeting was held at the EAA hanger at 4803 Airport Rd.  Attending were Board Officers: Norm Rainey, President; Wayne Wineland, Vice-President and Jerry Pryce, Secretary/Treasurer.  Among those present were the following representing 16 Lots:


Jerry Pryce; Chuck & Judi West; Donna Rainey;  Eileen Krummel; Dave & Arleta Thiel; Judy Yerian; Bruce Patton; Gary Brown; Bob & Judith Watkins; Melissa Wineland; Ron & Sue Salvo; Richard & Kimiko Koida; Dick & Jeanne Wildman


We also held 2 proxies from: Hubele and Green.  We had a quorum present.


                    I.      A CALL TO ORDER:  Jerry Pryce opened the meeting at 1:15pm, and thanked EAA 292 for use of the hangar.

                  II.      2010 Minutes:  Following a review of 2010 minutes a request for a motion to approve 2010 minutes as read was made.   Wayne Wineland motioned to accept the minutes seconded by Eileen Krummel - carried unanimously. 

                III.      Treasurer’s report showed all income and expenses for the period 10/16/10 – 10/15/11 with no outstanding liens or billings.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report as published – Motion carried.

An overview of HOA billing procedures and dates was given for the benefits of the new members.

               IV.      Maintenance:  Jerry reviewed the maintenance of our HOA common areas with assistance from Richard Koida.  Jerry told members that despite having several persons volunteer to help with the HOA maintenance last year, the bulk of the maintenance has been performed by Richard Koida with assistance from Bob Watkins.  A suggestion was made that we contract to have our common areas maintained by Craig Cowles of IAHA or Cutten Lawns.  After a review of the areas we are responsible to maintain and possible costs involved, the suggestion was withdrawn.  After much discussion it was decided that we would proceed with HOA volunteers as we have in the past.  A team leader will be given overall responsibility for coordinating of maintenance efforts.  The following members agreed to help with maintenance efforts: Richard Koida, Eileen Krummel, Bob Watkins and Tom Pfaff with Jerry Pryce volunteering to help with herbicide application and as needed.  In addition, the Salvo’s volunteered to house the HOA lawn tractor in their hangar.

                 V.      OLD BUSINESS

1.     Taxiway Repairs/Status: Jerry Pryce gave a report on the current condition of our taxiways and common areas.  No sealing was performed this year.  The only anticipated maintenance is the addition of rock to the northern edge of taxiway Hotel and western edge of Echo. Chuck West volunteered to assess the condition of the gravel throughout our taxiways and head up the work team to accomplish the needed work.  The HOA was told that we have acquired a gravel spreader to perform the work.  After discussion of the process of spreading gravel Wayne Wineland volunteered that he had access to a front loader to aid in the process.  Dave Thiel mentioned that there is some flaking of the seal coat on the eastern edge of taxiway Foxtrot.  Jerry said that he would inspect it.

2.     Lot Mowing Update:  Jerry gave an update on the mowing program for vacant lots that was performed by Cutten Lawns this year.  Overall a successful program with 2 lot owners participating this year.  This year the cost was $200.  It is anticipated that only 1-2 owners will participate next year.

3.     NPHOA Website:  Jerry Pryce has met with the Robert English, IAHA webmaster and will be setting a page for the NPHOA on the IAHA website.  Included will be a listing of current officers and contact information, as well as current minutes and North Park news.  Setup of the page is pending final formatting from Jerry and homeowners will be notified when the page is operational.

               VI.      NEW BUSINESS:

1.     Updating of Contact Info: Jerry Pryce reiterated that the HOA is using email notifications and billings to the maximum extent possible to save postage costs and to provide a more immediate means of notifications to homeowners.  A sheet was circulated and attending homeowners were asked to update their contact information as necessary.

2.     New Homeowners:  Jerry introduced Judy Yerian and mentioned that the former Rush home had been purchased by Andrew Niemiec.  In addition Dennis and Ann Fuhrman purchased the former Prince home.

3.     Increase of ingress/egress fees:  Both IAHA and our association recently received a letter from ODA stating that ingress/egress fees would be increasing effective November 2011 to $210/yr ($17.50/mo).  After IAHA consulted with ODA on this matter, bringing to their attention that their billings for 2012 had already gone out in June 2011 (they bill in June for the following year), ODA agreed that the new fee schedule would not take effect until July 2012.  We bill for 2012 in November 2011 so our rates for 2012 will be 6 months at $15/mo and 6 months at $17.50/mo for a total of $195.  Thanks to Gary Van Horn of IAHA for spearheading this.

4.     ISAS update:  Norm Rainey gave an overview of the last ISAS meeting.  The possibility of a grass strip west of the paved runway was broached.  ODA agreed to walk the area with some volunteers to determine feasibility.  Airport security was discussed with emphasis on the problematic gate north of the Starduster restaurant.  At this point TSA & the FAA have not commented on this specific airport so this is in limbo. Mr. Genteman, one of the owners of the 41 acres west of the airport approached the ISAS board regarding his intent to sell this land.  In the past ODA had looked at the possible purchase but funding for the asking price of $4.3m was not available.  Genteman sought suggestions for possible buyers and even polled homeowners attending on their interest in purchasing the property.

5.     Status of taxiway funds:  Jerry stated that our taxiways are in generally good condition and that the increased income from the assessment increase in 2008 has provided us with good maintenance reserves.

6.     Maintenance of areas adjacent to properties:  Jerry asked that homeowners keep an eye on ditches and areas adjacent to their property to keep them weed and debris free.  This will greatly aid us in maintaining the HOA common areas.

7.     Annual HOA Meeting 2012: The next meeting is scheduled for October 20, 2012 at the EAA hangar.

8.     Election of Officers: Nominations were taken from the floor to fill 3 positions.  Eileen Krummel, Jeanne Wildman and Arleta Thiel volunteered to run.  With no further nominations from the floor, Dick Wildman motioned that the slate be voted on, seconded by Gary Brown.  The slate of officers was placed before the membership present and elected by a unanimous vote.


Motion to adjourn by Wayne Wineland, seconded by Gary Brown.  Meeting adjourned at 2:28pm.


Submitted by Jerry Pryce 11/9/11