Annual Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2015


·        Call of Order:  Norm Rainey, President, called the meeting to order at 3:07 PM.

·        President’s Report:  Norm asked those in attendance if everyone had received a copy of last year’s revised CC&Rs and Bylaws.

·        Attendees introduced themselves.

·        Minutes of last year’s annual and special meetings were provided at the meeting for review, if needed.  Minutes were previously emailed to all members.

·        Kathy Hubele made a motion to approve last year’s annual meeting minutes; seconded by Jerry Price.  Motion carried.

·        Jerry Price made a motion to approve last year’s special meeting minutes; seconded by Molly Kinyon.  Motion carried.

·        Treasurer’s Report:  Bruce Patton made available copies of the financial report as of October 15, 2015.  The report also sets forth a projected 25-year budget.

·        Balance of both checking and savings accounts is $52,554.46. 

·        Taxiway maintenance was the biggest expense in 2015 - $4,300

·        Insurance liability for the Airpark and Board of Directors is a large expense - $2,300 per year.

·        Maintenance Report:  One taxiway was sealed in 2015.  At this time do not see any maintenance concerns coming up in 2016.

·        Anyone willing to help Bob Watkins with maintenance (mowing, spraying, etc.), please contact him directly.  It would be appreciated.

·        Vice President’s Report:  Don introduced the subject of ‘conflict resolution’.  Our CC&Rs/Bylaws to not contain a provision for ‘conflict resolution’ between neighbors and/or Board.  Discussion ensued as to whether we should/should not have a provision included to address conflicts.  Monetary issues involved with or without a ‘conflict resolution’ were discussed. 

·        IAHA has a conflict resolution process and is agreeable to allowing North Park HOA using it as a basis to start with.

·        Motion was made by Ken Hardwick and seconded by Jim Hubele for the Board to put together a committee to draft a ‘conflict resolution’ process within nine (9) months.  After nine months, Committee’s recommendation will be emailed to members for review.  A vote would be taken at next annual meeting to accept or reject the ‘conflict resolution’ provision.  Motion carried.  Members requested to familiarize themselves with IAHA’s process located on their website.

·     Airport Response Team:  Bruce Patton shared information on a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for the Airport/Airpark.  Should there be a disaster and Fire and Police are needed, a CERT representative will be in charge of the incident until emergency personnel reach the site.  The CERT individual will relinquish control to emergency personnel and move into an advisory role to aid/guide emergency crews regarding aircraft or other airport related information as needed. 

·        ISAS has accepted the CERT proposal.  North Park HOA may be approached for acceptance and support ($).

·  Flood Control:  In 2012, there was a flood that affected some of the Airpark hangars and homes on the south end.  Mike Danko indicated the area southwest of the airport (S curve) is a flood control area but has not been cleaned out in 25 years.  Unfortunately, that contributed to the flooding at the airpark.  To alleviate future flooding, the (S curve) area is being cleared of obstructions and brush.  Discussion ensued and it was agreed that Norm Rainey would email Mr. Danko to encourage his team to complete this project.

·  Airspace:  Chuck West advised he has filed for a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) regarding the FAA’s change in airspace affecting Independence Airport.  The FOIA will cost $2,600 and anyone willing to contribute to this cost should contact Chuck.  Information will be provided by the FAA via CD.  Those who contribute will get a copy of the CD.  The purpose of filing the FOIA is to determine why/how the FAA based their decision regarding the airspace change.

·        November 5 is the deadline to submit comments to the FAA regarding the change.  Members were encouraged to submit comments.

·        Election of Officers:  Bruce Patton and Judi West have agreed to another term as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.  Motion to accept made by Mary Brown and seconded by Jerry Pryce.  Motion carried.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.


Submitted by:

Judi West, HOA Secretary