North Park HomeOwners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes



I.          Call To Order: Jerry Pryce, Vice-President, called the meeting to order at 3:05pm, thanked EAA Chapter 292 for the use of the hangar.


II.        Roster of Homeowners was circulated and those in attendance asked to sign-in and update information. There were no proxy votes submitted. Thirty-one (31) homeowners were present, and therefore, a quorum.


III.       The 2012 Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Kathy Hubele and seconded by Jan Green.


IV.       Treasurer’s report by Eileen Thede was submitted for the period as of 10.19.2013 showing all income and expenses with no outstanding liens or billings. Copies were available for review and anytime upon request. A motion was made by Kathy Hubele to accept the report and seconded by Sue Salvo.


V.        Realignment of BOD: Jerry reported that the division of duties within the BOD for 2012-2013 worked well and will continue as Secretary and Treasurer operating as two separate positions.


VI.       Update of NPHOA Covenants and By-Laws: Joe Zink reported on meetings attended by Joe Zink, Dick Wildman, Jerry Pryce and Norm Rainey to review, update, rewrite our CCRs. Language referring to Dick Wildfang was removed, grammar and spelling was corrected, and yard maintenance language was improved. Legal interns under the direction of Dr. Binford at Willamette University were secured to professionally advise our BOD with our CCRs rewrite proposal, pro bono. It was unanimous to make a contribution of $1000.00 to their department at the university for their services.

            The revised CCRs will be presented to the homeowners at a future date for an 80% needed approval.

            At this time, Norm Rainey spoke about requesting the law interns’ advise on submitting NPHOA with legalese on a formal budget and liability insurance. Jerry Pryce brought us up to date on the research Jerry and Norm have conducted on the subject of homeowners liability insurance. It appears that one million dollars coverage ($1,000,000.00) would cost us $1800.00 annually. Jerry Pryce is currently working on the insurance application.

            Eileen Thede, treasurer, at Norm’s request, submitted a projected budget for the next twenty years for the NPHOA. Eileen did an excellent job even though it was entirely hypothetical.


VII.     ISAS: Ken Hardwick reviewed the handouts available for all homeowners of the ISAS Annual Meeting Minutes January 14, 2013. Ken reminded us that all are welcome to attend and any issues may be addressed at the meetings. All ISAS minutes can be found on the website.


VIII.    Maintenance Chair Bob Watkins spoke briefly of the benefits of owning our   “crack sealer” equipment. First, it is most economical; second, we don’t have to get estimates; third, taxiways are not shut down for extended periods of time. He is planning to seal Golf and Foxtrot in 2014. Bob also recognized Richard Koida and Tom Pfaff for their help this past summer, with additional thanks to all who participated this past year, and for those who will help next year.      


IX.       New Business:

A)    Norm Rainey stated that Congress approved the FAA Reform Act in February 2013. Norm has a copy of the entire “Through The Fence” agreement if anyone is interested.

B)    Richard Koida made a motion to change the next annual HOA meeting to be held on the third Sunday, October 19, 2014 at the EAA 292 hangar. Ken Hardwick seconded the motion and those present approved the change.

C)    Jerry Pryce asked the general membership for nominations for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. There were no proxy votes submitted before the general meeting. Jeanne Wildman and Eileen Thede reviewed the responsibilities of Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Judi West agreed to be secretary for the 2014-2015 terms, and Kathy Hubele agreed to be treasurer for the 2014-2015 terms. The general membership voted unanimously to agree.


There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Jan Green. Sue Salvo seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 4:08pm.


Submitted by:

Jeanne Wildman, Secretary