Annual Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2014

·                    Call to Order:  Jerry Pryce, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM.

·                    Roster of Homeowners was signed by those in attendance.  Twelve (12) proxies were submitted and 30 homeowners were present, and therefore, a quorum.

·                    The 2013 minutes were previously emailed to all homeowners for review.  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Jeanne Wildman and seconded by Mary Brown.  It was a unanimous vote to approve. 

·                    Treasurer’s Report:  Bruce Patton presented the Balance Sheet as of October 17, 2014 showing a current balance of $48,800.00.  Also, a Profit and Loss sheet showing a $1,760.41 loss for the year and explained the loss. He also submitted a projected Income and Expenses Budget for the next 25 years.  Members in attendance were provided copies.

·                    Taxiway Maintenance:  Bob Watkins, Maintenance Director, spoke about the new seal coat process done on Golf taxiway.  Also, plans to do the same seal coat process to the other taxiways over the next few years.  Bob encourages homeowners to do their best to keep yard water off taxiways as much as possible.  This excess water damages the seal coat.

Landscape Maintenance:  Anyone interested in helping Bob with common property maintenance are encouraged to contact Bob. 

·                    Water Runoff:  Norm Rainey, President, spoke of the efforts made by the City of Independence to repair damaged drainage pipes and to grade water culverts to facilitate better drainage from the Airpark.

·                    Ingress/Egress (through the fence):  A paragraph was inserted in the Amended CC&Rs addressing the Ingress/Egress situation.  Norm touched briefly as to why this insert was necessary. 

FAA has mandated to the State that there will be no commercial operations conducted at the Airpark.  Mitch Swecker, ODA, has stated he would block all access to the south and north ends of the Airpark if there are commercial operations.  North Park contends we have a separate agreement with ODA.  We are awaiting a legal opinion letter which holds that North Park is separate and cannot be denied access even if IAHA is denied.  We will submit the legal opinion to Swecker.  If commercial operations are not resolved within the HOA (cease and desist), the homeowners association can give ODA the right to step in and deal directly with the offending homeowner.  Norm elaborated on ‘commercial operations’.

·                    Legal:  Willamette University Law Clinic (WULC):  Norm signed a retainer with WULC for another year.  WULC does not charge for their work.  The Board authorized a $1,000 donation to WULC this year.  The Board worked with WULC for two years on updating the CC&Rs and By-laws. Much thanks to those who worked so diligently to make this happen – Dick Wildman, Jerry Pryce, Joe Zink, and Norm Rainey.

·                    Insurance Policy:  Norm advised Willamette University Law Clinic strongly suggested the Board purchase a $1 million common property insurance policy – which they did -at a cost of $1,500/year.

·                    Board Reorganization:  The combined Secretary/Treasurer position was split into two separate positions.  Maintenance Director is now a Board position.  There are now five (5) Board positions.

·                    Election of Officers:  Nominations were received for the three open positions: President (Norm Rainey), Vice President (Don Draeger) and Maintenance Director (Bob Watkins).  Motion made by Kathy Hubele and seconded by Joe Zink.  It was a unanimous vote.

·                    New Business:  Signage identifying taxiway names was suggested so people visiting the Airpark know where they are when walking/biking.  Perhaps the Board can work with IAHA to coordinate this project.

Homeowners are encouraged to help maintain the common areas (ditches) behind their home. 

Homeowners are requested to remove low tree limbs on the parkways.  Low limbs are dangerous to people walking/running in low visibility. 

Homeowners who have dogs are asked to ‘pick up’ after their animals when taking them out.


There as a motion to adjourn the meeting by Gary Brown, seconded by Joe Zink.  Meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM.


Submitted by:
Judi West, Secretary