North Park HomeOwners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes



I.          Call To Order: Jerry Pryce, Vice-President, called the meeting to order at 3:05pm, thanked EAA Chapter 292 for the use of the hangar, and introduced Andrew Niemiec as the new owner of the Rush home on Skyraider.


II.        Roster of Homeowners was circulated and those in attendance asked to sign-in and update information. Nineteen (19) properties were represented. There was one (1) proxy vote submitted. Twenty-nine (29) homeowners were present, and therefore, a quorum.


III.       The 2011 Minutes were reviewed. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Wayne Wineland and seconded by Molly Kinyon.


IV.       Treasurer’s report by Eileen Thede was submitted for the period of 10.15.2011 – 10.20.2012 showing all income and expenses with no outstanding liens or billings. A motion was made by Kathy Hubele to accept the report and seconded by Sue Salvo.


V.        Realignment of BOD: Jerry briefly discussed a division of duties within the BOD for 2012 and onward. Secretary and Treasurer will be two separate positions. Eileen Thede is treasurer and Jeanne Wildman is secretary. Jerry Pryce is vice-president. This opened up discussion of amending Association bylaws. To be discussed further during new business.


VI.       Old Business:

A)    Dick Wildman who earlier in the year walked and inspected the taxiways presented a taxiway/repair status update. He obtained estimates from Valley Custom Sealcoating that is available for HO review. We have a considerable amount of flaking and could get a cosmetic fix that would last for 1-2 years. There are also cracks in need of sealing. It was agreed that we should seal the hangar apron and taxiway cracks before winter and turn a blind eye to the flaking issue until the future. 

B)    Jerry said that the HOA is responsible for mowing only one lot now. Homeowners stepped forward to mow their lots and volunteers mowed the common areas and sprayed the weeds along the taxiways. Thank you to all for your help with our maintenance. Thank you to Bob Watkins, Tom Pfaff, Sue Salvo, Wayne Wineland and Jerry Pryce.

C)    The BOD again recognized Chuck West for his spearheading the gravel project that happened in January-February of this year. He did a great job distributing the rock along all the taxiways with the help of Bob Watkins, Denny Fuhrman, Dick Wildman, Louie Imbert, Ron Carroll, Wayne Wineland.

D)    NPHOA is now posted as a page on the IAHA website.


VII.     New Business:

A)    Updating of contact info: Jerry reiterated that the HOA is using email

      notifications and billings to the maximum extent possible to save postage

      costs and to provide a more immediate means of notification. A roster sheet

      was circulated and attending homeowners were asked to update their contact


B)    HOA ingress/egress fees: The billing will continue as before collecting ingress/egress fees from each homeowner of $210.00 due the middle of December. Three (3) months later a total of $200.00 will be collected from each homeowner, $100.00 HOA and $100.00 taxiway replacement fund.

C)    ISAS Update: Ken Hardwick presented a report. All ISAS minutes can be found on the website. Robert English will be retiring as Webmaster early 2013.

D)    Through The Fence: Norm Rainey added a few words on the President’s ruling on no more Through the Fence airpark residences. It is possible that commercial business will be acceptable. The videos are progressing and Norm thanked all those involved for a job well done. The major of Independence is yet to appear on video on our behalf. Norm addressed the flooding issues. The problem is not totally solved but hopefully we will see improvement this winter. Chuck West commented that homeowners with ditches that do not have a drainage pipe installed yet, should do so. Richard Koida took photos of the flooding last winter on Gulf taxiway and sent them to Mitch Switek.

E)     CCR’s revision: Jerry and Norm opened the discussion of updating our CCR’s. They asked for the amount of interest from the present homeowners. Is it money well spent? The bylaws need amending and some of the CCR’s are outdated and new ones need to be added. Dick Wildman said he didn’t

want our funds to go to the cost of lawyers. Dick Wildman wants to be on the committee involved and so does Joe Zink along with Jerry Pryce and Norm Rainey

F)     The next annual HOA meeting is scheduled to be October 19, 2013 at the EAA 292 hangar.

G)    The Election of Officers was taken care of with one (1) proxy vote submitted by Norm and Donna Rainey. Norm Rainey was position#1, Bob Watkins position#2. Jerry Pryce was nominated for position #3 by Kathy Hubele and seconded by Judi West. Ken Hardwick motioned to accept the proposed nominations. The general membership voted unanimously to agree.


There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Kathy Hubele. Joe Zink     seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 4:10pm.


Submitted by:

Jeanne Wildman, Secretary