10 Nov 2011

Meeting with Norm Rainey, Jeanne Wildman, and Eileen Krummel


1.  Discussed different officer structure to streamline operations and spread out the duties.  First suggestions is to separate Secretary and Treasurer duties.  We will perform a “trial run” this year to see how well it works.  If it works well, then we will change the by-laws by either special meeting or our next annual homeowners’ meeting next October.


2.  Discussed structure of the meetings.  Previously we had the business meeting, then ate.  Food would get cold so we changed the order to eat, then have the business meeting.  This doesn’t leave time for socializing.  Suggestion was made to have the meeting, then perhaps a happy hour/cocktail hour with wine and beer and snacks.  People tend to avoid the meetings as they don’t want to volunteer for anything.  Perhaps if we lighten the load by spreading out the duties of the officers it will alleviate that issue. 


3.  Board/Board Duties:

             A.  Board for 2011-2012

President:  Norm Rainey

Vice President:  Jerry Pryce

Secretary:  Jeanne Wildman

Treasurer:  Eileen Krummel

Maintenance:  Arleta Thiel


             B.  According to the current by-laws, the Secretary/Treasurer is tasked with most of the work.  By splitting this position and realigning the Maintenance issues under a separate officer, Jerry can work with each of the officers to train them in their jobs.  


C.  The Maintenance Officer duties will  need to be defined but include walking the taxiways once a month (more if needed), scheduling maintenance and calling people to help with mowing, putting rock around the taxiways and any other maintenance.  Chuck West has offered to do the rock project, the Maintenance officer needs to get with him to schedule helpers.  The mower should be in Salvo’s hangar, need to check to be sure it is.


4.  Areas of concern for this year:

            A.  Residential Through The Fence issues are arising again.  There will be a review in 2014 and minor things could get the agreement revoked.  How do we enforce compliance and get everyone to take this seriously???

            B.  Compliance of not having commercial business activities out of homes and hangars.  Non-compliance by airpark residences could result in revoking RTTF agreement.  We know there are many who run businesses out of their hangar and blatantly.  We have turned our heads in the past.  What do we do now?