Board of Directors Meeting

November 25, 2013


Members of the Board met at Norm Rainey’s at 3:30 PM.

Present:  Norm Rainey, Kathy Hubele, Bob Watkins, Judi West

Absent:  Jerry Pryce


·                    Norm opened the meeting and asked Kathy and Judi if they had received contact from their predecessors as to their new duties.  Both replied in the affirmative.  Kathy will be requesting a little more assistance from Eileen.

·                    Norm indicated meeting minutes – after approval of Board members – is to be furnished to Robert English for inclusion in the ISAS website.

·                    Agenda for today’s meeting distributed.

·                    Kathy advised she goes to the HOA post office box every couple of days to collect checks for the yearly ingress/egress billing.  After December 1 she will call those whom she has yet to receive checks.  She is also working to validate email addresses for each residence.

·                    Signatures on bank account forms were completed by Judi and Norm.

·                    Norm thanked Bob on the excellent work on the 2013 taxiway crack sealing project.  In 2014 we will initiate crack sealing of the two other taxiways.

·                    We have secured a $1 million Homeowners Association General Liability policy with Starr Indemnity (awaiting policy).  Will consider increasing policy limit to $2 million next year as the additional premium would be minimal.  Will consider working with Independence Airpark Homeowners Association (South Park) to combine general liability insurance policies to see if both HOAs can get a better rate together.

·                    There has been no contact with Willamette University legal interns since September.  We have committed a $1,000 donation to Willamette University in appreciation for the work provided to our HOA.

·                    Update was provided on South Park ‘issues’.

·                    Norm advises he has no projects scheduled for 2014 but will work on the few left over from 2013



Submitted by Judi West, Secretary