NPHOA Board Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2012


President Norm Rainey opened the meeting at 3:30 pm. Board members Norm Rainey, Jerry Pryce, Eileen Thede, Bob Watkins, and Jeanne Wildman were present. Norm began with a warm welcome to Bob Watkins, our newest board member, as Maintenance Head.


1)      First order of business:

Eileen Thede made the motion to accept the board members and their positions. Jeanne Wildman seconded the motion. All were in favor.


2)      Signature bank cards:

Eileen will go to the bank with appropriate documents to get signature cards for current board members to sign.


      3) 2012 accomplishments:

A)    Do we like the reorganization of positions and duties? We all agreed the changes are working well and plan to move forward into 2013 with changes in place.

B)     The informational video series on “Access Agreement with ODA” has received good feedback and is almost complete. A last video with the Independence Mayor will be the final video.

C)    Bob Watkins has done some research on purchasing a Hot Asphalt Crack Machine and Hot Crack Fill for the NPHOA. We discussed the benefits of ownership, the cost, the storage and the use by the homeowners. Jeanne Wildman motioned to purchase the machine. Jerry Pryce seconded the motion. All of us unanimously agreed to the purchase.


      4) Problems with any of our duties:

            A) Eileen experienced a minor glitch with software trying to send out year-end 

     invoices to the homeowners, but managed to solve it and checks are incoming.


B) Jeanne Wildman is to contact Robert English and request some changes be

     made to the NPHOA link from the IAHA website. The new post office box 92,

    Eileen’s new last name of Thede, and change maintenance chair to  



       5) Directional guidance on rewrite of CCR’s:

             This will be a worthy endeavor that will require time and effort. Norm, Jerry,

              Eileen, Joe Zink and Dick Wildman will be the first small committee to begin

              work on the rewrite. Considerable work will be done before being brought

              before the homeowners.


Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm. by secretary Jeanne Wildman.